Why Me! 



It took four pinching years to confess,

The plight that he’d never once addressed.

Memories ushered his tears to a mess,

That slowly hugged his face and caressed. 
It was a jocose evening for the lad,

Greeting, smiling and laughing.

Until She came to turn it all mad,

Now cringing, flinching and wincing.

His thoughts wrapped him up into a cocoon,

Of pain, guilt, embarrassment and shame.

Whilst she went away with it, the racoon,

Driving into health, happiness, joy and fame.
Hoping to get past society’s blind eye,

He preached- Nothing like this should ever happen to anyone; again and again on tape.
With a tint of hope and a long sigh,

He lived on, 

Recollecting how he’d just escaped rape. 


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