She sat there in the corner, cross armed,

Trying to rid what scarred her mind.

Tears caressed her face warm,

In contrast to her ordeal, unwind.
It wasn’t the first time her heart broke,

Though she’d always strive through.

Until this time she was confronted by the bloke,

That left the maiden’s soul shattered thorough.
She lost count of time, for

Only pain could measure her fears,

She lost all balance, for

Every shoulder was too high to appear,

She lay there morose, for

Her eyes had teared every tear,

She lay there aghast, for

Her senses still, top to rear.

But she was never alone.
Around her hovered the Souls

That had fallen prey to the same fears. 

A Thousand hands tried to bring up cheers,

For they wanted her to be stay on pole. 

Her thoughts began to boil, 

As she fluttered like the axial leaf. 

Her voice began to roil,

As she scoured through the million bits of belief. 
 The raging surge pushed her out, as she opened the door, 


Felt the whoosh and warmth gushing o’er. 

She stood straight and sighed a smile,

That repelled her fears away a mile. 
The Thousand Souls now did depart,

For they rejoiced the valor they once lacked. 

In return spirited Hope within the damsel,

Who finally built her Soul back.


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