The Man We Saw Too Much

He sat there on the flanks, disoriented,

Looking at you walk across, from his space rented.

As you traipsed with your intricate demeanor,

All he did was gaze at you more keener.
How he wished he was in your shoes,

Flaunting a witty sense of fashion.

He glared and wondered without excuse,

If he’d manage a few sacks of ration.
School and college was just mere fantasy,

So were his visits to a doctor or pharmacy.

Nonetheless he still lay there cringing,

Suffering at the hard face of reality raging.

All day he hoped for a penny of twos,

But ended up with heartless slaps from shoes.

He scathed about to scavenge for food,

But every attempt, rudely shooed.
For days did this same routine extend,

And results always up the same trend.

But not once did he fritter a try,

To catch an opportunity and make it fly.
#poetry #deepstuff


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