The Crush.

I sat there peeking out of the window,

During the lecture, from the last row.

Boredom made my mouth museums for mosquitoes,

Whose pangs now extended from head to toes.
And finally when That time came,

A familiar face sprung up the frame.

Which filled my voids with delight,

Taking my emotions up for a little flight.
She drew a smile on my face,

And sprinkled my eyes with life.

She put my heart on a chase,

Oh is this real, someone hand me a knife.
I sat there admiring her demeanor,

As she tucked her fringes behind her ears.

Life had just gotten less meaner,

I suddenly lost all of my fears.
My heart’s like a little thrush,

Small, lively and active.

No wonder you’re called a crush,

You simply make me reactive.

#poetry #crush #relatable


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