Why Me!Β 



It took four pinching years to confess,

The plight that he’d never once addressed.

Memories ushered his tears to a mess,

That slowly hugged his face and caressed. 
It was a jocose evening for the lad,

Greeting, smiling and laughing.

Until She came to turn it all mad,

Now cringing, flinching and wincing.

His thoughts wrapped him up into a cocoon,

Of pain, guilt, embarrassment and shame.

Whilst she went away with it, the racoon,

Driving into health, happiness, joy and fame.
Hoping to get past society’s blind eye,

He preached- Nothing like this should ever happen to anyone; again and again on tape.
With a tint of hope and a long sigh,

He lived on, 

Recollecting how he’d just escaped rape. 



She sat there in the corner, cross armed,

Trying to rid what scarred her mind.

Tears caressed her face warm,

In contrast to her ordeal, unwind.
It wasn’t the first time her heart broke,

Though she’d always strive through.

Until this time she was confronted by the bloke,

That left the maiden’s soul shattered thorough.
She lost count of time, for

Only pain could measure her fears,

She lost all balance, for

Every shoulder was too high to appear,

She lay there morose, for

Her eyes had teared every tear,

She lay there aghast, for

Her senses still, top to rear.

But she was never alone.
Around her hovered the Souls

That had fallen prey to the same fears. 

A Thousand hands tried to bring up cheers,

For they wanted her to be stay on pole. 

Her thoughts began to boil, 

As she fluttered like the axial leaf. 

Her voice began to roil,

As she scoured through the million bits of belief. 
 The raging surge pushed her out, as she opened the door, 


Felt the whoosh and warmth gushing o’er. 

She stood straight and sighed a smile,

That repelled her fears away a mile. 
The Thousand Souls now did depart,

For they rejoiced the valor they once lacked. 

In return spirited Hope within the damsel,

Who finally built her Soul back.


In the times of despair,

Lie the necessities of your presence; that watch

Over my gritty complaints; always

Vowing to stay here, despite the infinitesimal

Effervescences we’ve been through.

You’ve trusted me with your soul and so shall I, as I pledge

Over the beauty of our bond, with these words,

Unfolded in the first letters of this octet.


The Man We Saw Too Much

He sat there on the flanks, disoriented,

Looking at you walk across, from his space rented.

As you traipsed with your intricate demeanor,

All he did was gaze at you more keener.
How he wished he was in your shoes,

Flaunting a witty sense of fashion.

He glared and wondered without excuse,

If he’d manage a few sacks of ration.
School and college was just mere fantasy,

So were his visits to a doctor or pharmacy.

Nonetheless he still lay there cringing,

Suffering at the hard face of reality raging.

All day he hoped for a penny of twos,

But ended up with heartless slaps from shoes.

He scathed about to scavenge for food,

But every attempt, rudely shooed.
For days did this same routine extend,

And results always up the same trend.

But not once did he fritter a try,

To catch an opportunity and make it fly.
#poetry #deepstuff


Ever looked around you,

And wondered what life is?

I’m sure only very very few,

Would’ve thought about stuff like these.
Is it the busy buzzing of the bees,

That reduces hardwork to sheer ease.

Or the flutter of feathers,

That strings your thoughts up to the tether.
Is it the superior bloom of them flowers,

That never fail to leave you bedazzled.

Or the frantic mate call of lovers,

That often end up leaving you puzzled.
Is it the bustling crowds at the bazaar,

That impale the air with tension.

Or the silent walks down the empty tar,

That are always worth mention.

Whenever you come across such settings,

Remember to transport your thoughts on your wings,

And ponder upon this again,

What is life without pain and gain.

#poetry #deepstuff #life

The Crush.

I sat there peeking out of the window,

During the lecture, from the last row.

Boredom made my mouth museums for mosquitoes,

Whose pangs now extended from head to toes.
And finally when That time came,

A familiar face sprung up the frame.

Which filled my voids with delight,

Taking my emotions up for a little flight.
She drew a smile on my face,

And sprinkled my eyes with life.

She put my heart on a chase,

Oh is this real, someone hand me a knife.
I sat there admiring her demeanor,

As she tucked her fringes behind her ears.

Life had just gotten less meaner,

I suddenly lost all of my fears.
My heart’s like a little thrush,

Small, lively and active.

No wonder you’re called a crush,

You simply make me reactive. 

#poetry #crush #relatable

On The Edge.

​She forced herself out the front door

Running all bersek, as if no floor.

Up all the way to the terrace,

Shedding a tear, a sigh, all with a sublime grimace.
She made her way to the ledge, hesitant,

Climbed up and stood there, the young aspirant.

And there she was, still, and pondering.

Whether the next step, would be worth the sting.
She thought she’d escape the pain,

Of humiliations and failures that stain.

But failed to recognize what was at vain,

Friends, Family, Love and Talent, all slain.

She shook on the sudden thud of thunder,

And shrieked upon the blinding streaks of lightning.

That was probably the Gods, condemning her blunder,

Which slowly pushed her into whining.
She stepped away and ran back down tripping,

Gradually, slid into her Mother’s arms weeping.

And it was there she decided,

That wherever Love presided,

Hope would never stay reprimanded. 

#poetry #LetsBeatSuicide